West Virginia Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for West Virginia. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Hancock WVZ001 Atom
Brooke WVZ002 Atom
Ohio WVZ003 Atom
Marshall WVZ004 Atom
Wayne WVZ005 Atom
Cabell WVZ006 Atom
Mason WVZ007 Atom
Jackson WVZ008 Atom
Wood WVZ009 Atom
Pleasants WVZ010 Atom
Tyler WVZ011 Atom
Wetzel WVZ012 Atom
Lincoln WVZ013 Atom
Putnam WVZ014 Atom
Kanawha WVZ015 Atom
Roane WVZ016 Atom
Wirt WVZ017 Atom
Calhoun WVZ018 Atom
Ritchie WVZ019 Atom
Doddridge WVZ020 Atom
Marion WVZ021 Atom
Mingo WVZ024 Atom
Logan WVZ025 Atom
Boone WVZ026 Atom
Clay WVZ027 Atom
Braxton WVZ028 Atom
Gilmer WVZ029 Atom
Lewis WVZ030 Atom
Harrison WVZ031 Atom
Taylor WVZ032 Atom
McDowell WVZ033 Atom
Wyoming WVZ034 Atom
Upshur WVZ039 Atom
Barbour WVZ040 Atom
Mercer WVZ042 Atom
Summers WVZ043 Atom
Monroe WVZ044 Atom
Hampshire WVZ050 Atom
Morgan WVZ051 Atom
Berkeley WVZ052 Atom
Jefferson WVZ053 Atom
Hardy WVZ055 Atom
Western Grant WVZ501 Atom
Eastern Grant WVZ502 Atom
Western Mineral WVZ503 Atom
Eastern Mineral WVZ504 Atom
Western Pendleton WVZ505 Atom
Eastern Pendleton WVZ506 Atom
Eastern Greenbrier WVZ507 Atom
Western Greenbrier WVZ508 Atom
Monongalia WVZ509 Atom
Ridges of Eastern Monongalia and Northwestern Preston WVZ510 Atom
Preston WVZ511 Atom
Eastern Preston WVZ512 Atom
Western Tucker WVZ513 Atom
Eastern Tucker WVZ514 Atom
Northwest Raleigh WVZ515 Atom
Southeast Raleigh WVZ516 Atom
Northwest Fayette WVZ517 Atom
Southeast Fayette WVZ518 Atom
Northwest Nicholas WVZ519 Atom
Southeast Nicholas WVZ520 Atom
Northwest Webster WVZ521 Atom
Southeast Webster WVZ522 Atom
Northwest Pocahontas WVZ523 Atom
Southeast Pocahontas WVZ524 Atom
Northwest Randolph WVZ525 Atom
Southeast Randolph WVZ526 Atom