South Dakota Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for South Dakota. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Harding SDZ001 Atom
Perkins SDZ002 Atom
Corson SDZ003 Atom
Campbell SDZ004 Atom
McPherson SDZ005 Atom
Brown SDZ006 Atom
Marshall SDZ007 Atom
Roberts SDZ008 Atom
Walworth SDZ009 Atom
Edmunds SDZ010 Atom
Day SDZ011 Atom
Butte SDZ012 Atom
Northern Meade Co Plains SDZ013 Atom
Ziebach SDZ014 Atom
Dewey SDZ015 Atom
Potter SDZ016 Atom
Faulk SDZ017 Atom
Spink SDZ018 Atom
Clark SDZ019 Atom
Codington SDZ020 Atom
Grant SDZ021 Atom
Hamlin SDZ022 Atom
Deuel SDZ023 Atom
Northern Black Hills SDZ024 Atom
Northern Foot Hills SDZ025 Atom
Rapid City SDZ026 Atom
Southern Foot Hills SDZ027 Atom
Central Black Hills SDZ028 Atom
Southern Black Hills SDZ029 Atom
Custer Co Plains SDZ030 Atom
Pennington Co Plains SDZ031 Atom
Haakon SDZ032 Atom
Stanley SDZ033 Atom
Sully SDZ034 Atom
Hughes SDZ035 Atom
Hyde SDZ036 Atom
Hand SDZ037 Atom
Beadle SDZ038 Atom
Kingsbury SDZ039 Atom
Brookings SDZ040 Atom
Fall River SDZ041 Atom
Oglala Lakota SDZ042 Atom
Jackson SDZ043 Atom
Bennett SDZ044 Atom
Jones SDZ045 Atom
Mellette SDZ046 Atom
Todd SDZ047 Atom
Lyman SDZ048 Atom
Tripp SDZ049 Atom
Gregory SDZ050 Atom
Buffalo SDZ051 Atom
Jerauld SDZ052 Atom
Sanborn SDZ053 Atom
Miner SDZ054 Atom
Lake SDZ055 Atom
Moody SDZ056 Atom
Brule SDZ057 Atom
Aurora SDZ058 Atom
Davison SDZ059 Atom
Hanson SDZ060 Atom
McCook SDZ061 Atom
Minnehaha SDZ062 Atom
Charles Mix SDZ063 Atom
Douglas SDZ064 Atom
Hutchinson SDZ065 Atom
Turner SDZ066 Atom
Lincoln SDZ067 Atom
Bon Homme SDZ068 Atom
Yankton SDZ069 Atom
Clay SDZ070 Atom
Union SDZ071 Atom
Sturgis/Piedmont Foot Hills SDZ072 Atom
Southern Meade Co Plains SDZ073 Atom
Hermosa Foot Hills SDZ074 Atom