Oregon Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for Oregon. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

North Oregon Coast ORZ001 Atom
Central Oregon Coast ORZ002 Atom
Coast Range of Northwest Oregon ORZ003 Atom
Central Coast Range of Western Oregon ORZ004 Atom
Lower Columbia ORZ005 Atom
Greater Portland Metro Area ORZ006 Atom
Central Willamette Valley ORZ007 Atom
South Willamette Valley ORZ008 Atom
Northern Oregon Cascade Foothills ORZ010 Atom
Northern Oregon Cascades ORZ011 Atom
Cascade Foothills in Lane County ORZ012 Atom
Cascades in Lane County ORZ013 Atom
Upper Hood River Valley ORZ014 Atom
Western Columbia River Gorge ORZ015 Atom
Central Columbia River Gorge ORZ016 Atom
South Central Oregon Coast ORZ021 Atom
Curry County Coast ORZ022 Atom
Central Douglas County ORZ023 Atom
Eastern Curry County and Josephine County ORZ024 Atom
Eastern Douglas County Foothills ORZ025 Atom
Jackson County ORZ026 Atom
South Central Oregon Cascades ORZ027 Atom
Siskiyou Mountains and Southern Oregon Cascades ORZ028 Atom
Klamath Basin ORZ029 Atom
Northern and Eastern Klamath County and Western Lake County ORZ030 Atom
Central and Eastern Lake County ORZ031 Atom
East Columbia River Gorge ORZ041 Atom
Lower Columbia Basin of Oregon ORZ044 Atom
Grande Ronde Valley ORZ049 Atom
Wallowa County ORZ050 Atom
Harney County ORZ061 Atom
Baker County ORZ062 Atom
Malheur County ORZ063 Atom
Oregon Lower Treasure Valley ORZ064 Atom
Northern Blue Mountains of Oregon ORZ502 Atom
Southern Blue Mountains of Oregon ORZ503 Atom
John Day Basin ORZ505 Atom
Ochoco-John Day Highlands ORZ506 Atom
Foothills of the Northern Blue Mountains of Oregon ORZ507 Atom
Foothills of the Southern Blue Mountains of Oregon ORZ508 Atom
East Slopes of the Oregon Cascades ORZ509 Atom
North Central Oregon ORZ510 Atom
Central Oregon ORZ511 Atom