New Mexico Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for New Mexico. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Guadalupe Mountains of Eddy County NMZ027 Atom
Eddy County Plains NMZ028 Atom
Northern Lea County NMZ029 Atom
Central Lea County NMZ033 Atom
Southern Lea County NMZ034 Atom
Northwest Plateau NMZ201 Atom
Chuska Mountains NMZ202 Atom
Far Northwest Highlands NMZ203 Atom
Northwest Highlands NMZ204 Atom
West Central Plateau NMZ205 Atom
West Central Mountains NMZ206 Atom
West Central Highlands NMZ207 Atom
Southwest Mountains NMZ208 Atom
San Francisco River Valley NMZ209 Atom
Tusas Mountains Including Chama NMZ210 Atom
Jemez Mountains NMZ211 Atom
Glorieta Mesa Including Glorieta Pass NMZ212 Atom
Northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains NMZ213 Atom
Southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains NMZ214 Atom
East Slopes Sangre de Cristo Mountains NMZ215 Atom
Upper Rio Grande Valley NMZ216 Atom
Espanola Valley NMZ217 Atom
Santa Fe Metro Area NMZ218 Atom
Middle Rio Grande Valley/Albuquerque Metro Area NMZ219 Atom
Lower Rio Grande Valley NMZ220 Atom
Sandia/Manzano Mountains Including Edgewood NMZ221 Atom
Estancia Valley NMZ222 Atom
Central Highlands NMZ223 Atom
South Central Highlands NMZ224 Atom
Upper Tularosa Valley NMZ225 Atom
South Central Mountains NMZ226 Atom
Johnson and Bartlett Mesas Including Raton Pass NMZ227 Atom
Far Northeast Highlands NMZ228 Atom
Northeast Highlands NMZ229 Atom
Union County NMZ230 Atom
Harding County NMZ231 Atom
Eastern San Miguel County NMZ232 Atom
Guadalupe County NMZ233 Atom
Quay County NMZ234 Atom
Curry County NMZ235 Atom
Roosevelt County NMZ236 Atom
De Baca County NMZ237 Atom
Chaves County Plains NMZ238 Atom
Eastern Lincoln County NMZ239 Atom
Southwest Chaves County NMZ240 Atom
San Agustin Plains and Adjacent Lowlands NMZ241 Atom
Upper Gila River Valley NMZ401 Atom
Southern Gila Highlands/Black Range NMZ402 Atom
Southern Gila Foothills/Mimbres Valley NMZ403 Atom
Southwest Desert/Lower Gila River Valley NMZ404 Atom
Lowlands of the Bootheel NMZ405 Atom
Uplands of the Bootheel NMZ406 Atom
Southwest Desert/Mimbres Basin NMZ407 Atom
Eastern Black Range Foothills NMZ408 Atom
Sierra County Lakes NMZ409 Atom
Northern Dona Ana County NMZ410 Atom
Southern Dona Ana County/Mesilla Valley NMZ411 Atom
Central Tularosa Basin NMZ412 Atom
Southern Tularosa Basin NMZ413 Atom
West Slopes Sacramento Mountains Below 7500 Feet NMZ414 Atom
Sacramento Mountains Above 7500 Feet NMZ415 Atom
East Slopes Sacramento Mountains Below 7500 Feet NMZ416 Atom
Otero Mesa NMZ417 Atom