New Mexico Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for New Mexico. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Guadalupe Mountains of Eddy County 1 NMZ027 Atom
Eddy County Plains 1 NMZ028 Atom
Northern Lea County 1 NMZ029 Atom
Central Lea County 1 NMZ033 Atom
Southern Lea County 1 NMZ034 Atom
Upper Gila River Valley 1 NMZ401 Atom
Southern Gila Highlands/Black Range 1 NMZ402 Atom
Southern Gila Foothills/Mimbres Valley 1 NMZ403 Atom
Southwest Desert/Lower Gila River Valley 1 NMZ404 Atom
Lowlands of the Bootheel 1 NMZ405 Atom
Uplands of the Bootheel 1 NMZ406 Atom
Southwest Desert/Mimbres Basin 1 NMZ407 Atom
Eastern Black Range Foothills 1 NMZ408 Atom
Sierra County Lakes 1 NMZ409 Atom
Northern Dona Ana County 1 NMZ410 Atom
Southern Dona Ana County/Mesilla Valley 1 NMZ411 Atom
Central Tularosa Basin 1 NMZ412 Atom
Southern Tularosa Basin 1 NMZ413 Atom
West Slopes Sacramento Mountains Below 7500 Feet 1 NMZ414 Atom
Sacramento Mountains Above 7500 Feet 1 NMZ415 Atom
East Slopes Sacramento Mountains Below 7500 Feet 1 NMZ416 Atom
Otero Mesa 1 NMZ417 Atom
Northwest Plateau 1 NMZ501 Atom
Chuska Mountains 1 NMZ502 Atom
Far Northwest Highlands 1 NMZ503 Atom
Northwest Highlands 1 NMZ504 Atom
West Central Plateau 1 NMZ505 Atom
West Central Mountains 1 NMZ506 Atom
West Central Highlands 1 NMZ507 Atom
Southwest Mountains 1 NMZ508 Atom
San Francisco River Valley 1 NMZ509 Atom
San Juan Mountains 1 NMZ510 Atom
Jemez Mountains 1 NMZ511 Atom
West Slopes Sangre de Cristo Mountains 1 NMZ512 Atom
Northern Sangre de Cristos above 9500 feet/Red River 1 NMZ513 Atom
Southern Sangre de Cristos above 9500 feet 1 NMZ514 Atom
East Slopes Sangre de Cristo Mountains 1 NMZ515 Atom
Upper Rio Grande Valley 1 NMZ516 Atom
Lower Chama River Valley 1 NMZ517 Atom
Santa Fe Metro Area 1 NMZ518 Atom
Middle Rio Grande Valley/Albuquerque Metro Area 1 NMZ519 Atom
Lower Rio Grande Valley 1 NMZ520 Atom
Sandia/Manzano Mountains 1 NMZ521 Atom
Estancia Valley 1 NMZ522 Atom
Central Highlands 1 NMZ523 Atom
South Central Highlands 1 NMZ524 Atom
Upper Tularosa Valley 2 NMZ525 Atom
South Central Mountains 2 NMZ526 Atom
Raton Ridge/Johnson Mesa 1 NMZ527 Atom
Far Northeast Highlands 1 NMZ528 Atom
Northeast Highlands 1 NMZ529 Atom
Union County 1 NMZ530 Atom
Harding County 1 NMZ531 Atom
Eastern San Miguel County 1 NMZ532 Atom
Guadalupe County 1 NMZ533 Atom
Quay County 1 NMZ534 Atom
Curry County 1 NMZ535 Atom
Roosevelt County 1 NMZ536 Atom
De Baca County 1 NMZ537 Atom
Chaves County Plains 2 NMZ538 Atom
Eastern Lincoln County 2 NMZ539 Atom
Southwest Chaves County 2 NMZ540 Atom