Idaho Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for Idaho. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Northern Panhandle IDZ001 Atom
Coeur d'Alene Area IDZ002 Atom
Idaho Palouse IDZ003 Atom
Central Panhandle Mountains IDZ004 Atom
Northern Clearwater Mountains IDZ005 Atom
Southern Clearwater Mountains IDZ006 Atom
Orofino/Grangeville Region IDZ007 Atom
Lower Hells Canyon/Salmon River Region IDZ008 Atom
Western Lemhi County IDZ009 Atom
Eastern Lemhi County IDZ010 Atom
West Central Mountains IDZ011 Atom
Lower Treasure Valley IDZ012 Atom
Boise Mountains IDZ013 Atom
Upper Treasure Valley IDZ014 Atom
Southwest Highlands IDZ015 Atom
Western Magic Valley IDZ016 Atom
Lewiston Area IDZ026 Atom
Lewis and Southern Nez Perce Counties IDZ027 Atom
Camas Prairie IDZ028 Atom
Owyhee Mountains IDZ029 Atom
Southern Twin Falls County IDZ030 Atom
Upper Weiser River IDZ033 Atom
Shoshone/Lava Beds IDZ051 Atom
Arco/Mud Lake Desert IDZ052 Atom
Upper Snake River Plain IDZ053 Atom
Lower Snake River Plain IDZ054 Atom
Eastern Magic Valley IDZ055 Atom
Southern Hills/Albion Mountains IDZ056 Atom
Raft River Region IDZ057 Atom
Marsh and Arbon Highlands IDZ058 Atom
Franklin/Eastern Oneida Region IDZ059 Atom
Bear River Range IDZ060 Atom
Bear Lake Valley IDZ061 Atom
Blackfoot Mountains IDZ062 Atom
Caribou Range IDZ063 Atom
Big Hole Mountains IDZ064 Atom
Teton Valley IDZ065 Atom
Centennial Mountains/Island Park IDZ066 Atom
Beaverhead/Lemhi Highlands IDZ067 Atom
Lost River Valleys IDZ068 Atom
Lost River Range IDZ069 Atom
Challis/Pahsimeroi Valleys IDZ070 Atom
Frank Church Wilderness IDZ071 Atom
Sawtooth/Stanley Basin IDZ072 Atom
Sun Valley Region IDZ073 Atom
Big Lost Highlands/Copper Basin IDZ074 Atom
Wood River Foothills IDZ075 Atom