Florida Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for Florida. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

North Walton FLZ007 Atom
Central Walton FLZ008 Atom
Holmes FLZ009 Atom
Washington FLZ010 Atom
Jackson FLZ011 Atom
Inland Bay FLZ012 Atom
Calhoun FLZ013 Atom
Inland Gulf FLZ014 Atom
Inland Franklin FLZ015 Atom
Gadsden FLZ016 Atom
Leon FLZ017 Atom
Inland Jefferson FLZ018 Atom
Madison FLZ019 Atom
Hamilton FLZ020 Atom
Suwannee FLZ021 Atom
Baker FLZ023 Atom
Inland Nassau FLZ024 Atom
Inland Duval FLZ025 Atom
Liberty FLZ026 Atom
Inland Wakulla FLZ027 Atom
Inland Taylor FLZ028 Atom
Lafayette FLZ029 Atom
Union FLZ030 Atom
Bradford FLZ031 Atom
Clay FLZ032 Atom
Inland St. Johns FLZ033 Atom
Inland Dixie FLZ034 Atom
Gilchrist FLZ035 Atom
Putnam FLZ037 Atom
Inland Flagler FLZ038 Atom
Inland Volusia FLZ041 Atom
Sumter FLZ043 Atom
Northern Lake County FLZ044 Atom
Orange FLZ045 Atom
Seminole FLZ046 Atom
Southern Brevard County FLZ047 Atom
Pinellas 1 FLZ050 Atom
Polk FLZ052 Atom
Osceola FLZ053 Atom
Indian River FLZ054 Atom
Hardee FLZ056 Atom
Highlands FLZ057 Atom
Okeechobee FLZ058 Atom
St. Lucie FLZ059 Atom
DeSoto FLZ061 Atom
Glades 1 FLZ063 Atom
Martin FLZ064 Atom
Hendry 1 FLZ066 Atom
Inland Palm Beach County 1 FLZ067 Atom
Metro Palm Beach County 1 FLZ068 Atom
Coastal Collier County 1 FLZ069 Atom
Inland Collier County 1 FLZ070 Atom
Inland Broward County 1 FLZ071 Atom
Metro Broward County 1 FLZ072 Atom
Inland Miami-Dade County 1 FLZ073 Atom
Metropolitan Miami Dade 1 FLZ074 Atom
Mainland Monroe 1 FLZ075 Atom
Monroe Upper Keys FLZ076 Atom
Monroe Middle Keys FLZ077 Atom
Monroe Lower Keys FLZ078 Atom
South Walton FLZ108 Atom
Coastal Bay FLZ112 Atom
Coastal Gulf FLZ114 Atom
Coastal Franklin FLZ115 Atom
Coastal Jefferson FLZ118 Atom
Northern Columbia FLZ122 Atom
Coastal Nassau FLZ124 Atom
Coastal Duval FLZ125 Atom
Coastal Wakulla FLZ127 Atom
Coastal Taylor FLZ128 Atom
Coastal St. Johns FLZ133 Atom
Coastal Dixie FLZ134 Atom
Eastern Alachua FLZ136 Atom
Coastal Flagler FLZ138 Atom
Coastal Levy FLZ139 Atom
Eastern Marion FLZ140 Atom
Coastal Volusia FLZ141 Atom
Coastal Citrus FLZ142 Atom
Southern Lake County FLZ144 Atom
Northern Brevard County FLZ147 Atom
Coastal Hernando FLZ148 Atom
Coastal Pasco FLZ149 Atom
Coastal Hillsborough 1 FLZ151 Atom
Coastal Manatee 1 FLZ155 Atom
Coastal Sarasota 1 FLZ160 Atom
Coastal Charlotte 1 FLZ162 Atom
Coastal Lee 1 FLZ165 Atom
Coastal Palm Beach County 1 FLZ168 Atom
Coastal Broward County 1 FLZ172 Atom
Coastal Miami Dade County 1 FLZ173 Atom
Far South Miami-Dade County 1 FLZ174 Atom
Escambia Inland FLZ201 Atom
Escambia Coastal FLZ202 Atom
Santa Rosa Inland FLZ203 Atom
Santa Rosa Coastal FLZ204 Atom
Okaloosa Inland FLZ205 Atom
Okaloosa Coastal FLZ206 Atom
Southern Columbia FLZ222 Atom
Western Alachua FLZ236 Atom
Inland Levy FLZ239 Atom
Central Marion FLZ240 Atom
Inland Citrus FLZ242 Atom
Inland Hernando FLZ248 Atom
Inland Pasco FLZ249 Atom
Inland Hillsborough FLZ251 Atom
Inland Manatee FLZ255 Atom
Inland Sarasota FLZ260 Atom
Inland Charlotte FLZ262 Atom
Inland Lee FLZ265 Atom
Western Marion FLZ340 Atom