California Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for California. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

San Francisco CAZ006 Atom
Shasta Lake Area / Northern Shasta County CAZ013 Atom
Burney Basin / Eastern Shasta County CAZ014 Atom
Northern Sacramento Valley CAZ015 Atom
Central Sacramento Valley CAZ016 Atom
Southern Sacramento Valley CAZ017 Atom
Carquinez Strait and Delta CAZ018 Atom
Northern San Joaquin Valley CAZ019 Atom
San Luis Obispo County Central Coast 1 CAZ034 Atom
Santa Barbara County Central Coast 1 CAZ035 Atom
Santa Ynez Valley CAZ036 Atom
San Luis Obispo County Interior Valleys CAZ037 Atom
Cuyama Valley CAZ038 Atom
Santa Barbara County South Coast 1 CAZ039 Atom
Ventura County Coast 1 CAZ040 Atom
Los Angeles County Coast including Downtown Los Angeles 1 CAZ041 Atom
San Diego County Coastal Areas CAZ043 Atom
Ventura County Interior Valleys CAZ044 Atom
Ventura County Coastal Valleys CAZ045 Atom
Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area CAZ046 Atom
San Bernardino and Riverside County Valleys-The Inland Empire CAZ048 Atom
San Diego County Inland Valleys CAZ050 Atom
San Luis Obispo County Mountains CAZ051 Atom
Santa Barbara County Mountains CAZ052 Atom
Ventura County Mountains CAZ053 Atom
Los Angeles County Mountains excluding the Santa Monica Range CAZ054 Atom
San Bernardino County Mountains CAZ055 Atom
Riverside County Mountains CAZ056 Atom
Santa Ana Mountains and Foothills CAZ057 Atom
San Diego County Mountains CAZ058 Atom
Antelope Valley CAZ059 Atom
Apple and Lucerne Valleys CAZ060 Atom
Coachella Valley CAZ061 Atom
San Diego County Deserts CAZ062 Atom
Mountains Southwestern Shasta County to Northern Lake County CAZ063 Atom
Clear Lake/Southern Lake County CAZ064 Atom
San Gorgonio Pass Near Banning CAZ065 Atom
Northeast Foothills/Sacramento Valley CAZ066 Atom
Motherlode CAZ067 Atom
Western Plumas County/Lassen Park CAZ068 Atom
West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada CAZ069 Atom
Surprise Valley California CAZ070 Atom
Lassen-Eastern Plumas-Eastern Sierra Counties CAZ071 Atom
Greater Lake Tahoe Area CAZ072 Atom
Mono CAZ073 Atom
Western Siskiyou County CAZ080 Atom
Central Siskiyou County CAZ081 Atom
South Central Siskiyou County CAZ082 Atom
North Central and Southeast Siskiyou County CAZ083 Atom
Northeast Siskiyou and Northwest Modoc Counties CAZ084 Atom
Modoc County CAZ085 Atom
Catalina and Santa Barbara Islands 1 CAZ087 Atom
Santa Clarita Valley CAZ088 Atom
Coastal Del Norte CAZ101 Atom
Del Norte Interior CAZ102 Atom
Northern Humboldt Coast CAZ103 Atom
Southwestern Humboldt CAZ104 Atom
Northern Humboldt Interior CAZ105 Atom
Southern Humboldt Interior CAZ106 Atom
Northern Trinity CAZ107 Atom
Southern Trinity CAZ108 Atom
Mendocino Coast CAZ109 Atom
Northwestern Mendocino Interior CAZ110 Atom
Northeastern Mendocino Interior CAZ111 Atom
Southwestern Mendocino Interior CAZ112 Atom
Southeastern Mendocino Interior CAZ113 Atom
West Side Hills CAZ179 Atom
San Joaquin Confluence CAZ180 Atom
Merced and Madera CAZ181 Atom
Western San Joaquin Valley CAZ182 Atom
Foggy Bottom CAZ183 Atom
Fresno CAZ184 Atom
Tulare County CAZ185 Atom
Southern Kings County CAZ186 Atom
Western Kern County CAZ187 Atom
Eastern Kern County CAZ188 Atom
Bakersfield CAZ189 Atom
Central Sierra Foothills CAZ190 Atom
Southern Sierra Foothills CAZ191 Atom
Central Sierra CAZ192 Atom
North Kings River CAZ193 Atom
Sequoia Kings CAZ194 Atom
Lake Isabella CAZ195 Atom
Tehachapi Area CAZ196 Atom
Fort Tejon CAZ197 Atom
Indian Wells Valley CAZ198 Atom
Kern County Desert CAZ199 Atom
Coastal North Bay Including Point Reyes National Seashore CAZ505 Atom
North Bay Interior Valleys CAZ506 Atom
North Bay Mountains CAZ507 Atom
San Francisco Bay Shoreline CAZ508 Atom
San Francisco Peninsula Coast CAZ509 Atom
East Bay Interior Valleys CAZ510 Atom
East Bay Hills and the Diablo Range CAZ511 Atom
Santa Cruz Mountains CAZ512 Atom
Santa Clara Valley Including San Jose CAZ513 Atom
Southern Salinas Valley/Arroyo Seco and Lake San Antonio CAZ516 Atom
Santa Lucia Mountains and Los Padres National Forest CAZ517 Atom
Mountains Of San Benito County And Interior Monterey County Including Pinnacles National Park CAZ518 Atom
Eastern Sierra Slopes of Inyo County CAZ519 Atom
Owens Valley CAZ520 Atom
White Mountains of Inyo County CAZ521 Atom
Death Valley National Park CAZ522 Atom
Western Mojave Desert CAZ523 Atom
Eastern Mojave Desert, Including the Mojave National Preserve CAZ524 Atom
Morongo Basin CAZ525 Atom
Cadiz Basin CAZ526 Atom
San Bernardino County-Upper Colorado River Valley CAZ527 Atom
Northern Salinas Valley/Hollister Valley and Carmel Valley CAZ528 Atom
Northern Monterey Bay CAZ529 Atom
Southern Monterey Bay and Big Sur Coast CAZ530 Atom
Los Angeles County San Fernando Valley CAZ547 Atom
Los Angeles County San Gabriel Valley CAZ548 Atom
San Miguel and Santa Rosa Islands CAZ549 Atom
Santa Cruz and Anacapa Islands CAZ550 Atom
Orange County Coastal CAZ552 Atom
Orange County Inland CAZ554 Atom
Joshua Tree NP West CAZ560 Atom
Joshua Tree NP East CAZ561 Atom
Imperial County Southwest CAZ562 Atom
Salton Sea CAZ563 Atom
Chuckwalla Mountains CAZ564 Atom
Imperial County Southeast CAZ565 Atom
Imperial County West CAZ566 Atom
Imperial Valley CAZ567 Atom
Chiriaco Summit CAZ568 Atom
Palo Verde Valley CAZ569 Atom
Chuckwalla Valley CAZ570 Atom