Alaska Public Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service public forecast zones (by names and codes) for Alaska. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Cape Fairweather to Cape Suckling Coastal Area AKZ017 Atom
Taiya Inlet and Klondike Highway AKZ018 Atom
Haines Borough and Lynn Canal AKZ019 Atom
Glacier Bay AKZ020 Atom
Eastern Chichagof Island AKZ021 Atom
Salisbury Sound to Cape Fairweather Coastal Area AKZ022 Atom
Cape Decision to Salisbury Sound Coastal Area AKZ023 Atom
Eastern Baranof Island and Southern Admiralty Island AKZ024 Atom
Juneau Borough and Northern Admiralty Island AKZ025 Atom
Inner Channels from Kupreanof Island to Etolin Island AKZ026 Atom
Dixon Entrance to Cape Decision Coastal Area AKZ027 Atom
Southern Inner Channels AKZ028 Atom
Misty Fjords AKZ029 Atom
Anchorage AKZ101 Atom
Matanuska Valley AKZ111 Atom
Western Kenai Peninsula AKZ121 Atom
Western Prince William Sound AKZ125 Atom
Northeast Prince William Sound AKZ131 Atom
Southeast Prince William Sound AKZ135 Atom
Copper River Basin AKZ141 Atom
Susitna Valley AKZ145 Atom
Lower Kuskokwim Valley AKZ152 Atom
Kuskokwim Delta AKZ155 Atom
Bristol Bay AKZ161 Atom
Kodiak Island AKZ171 Atom
Alaska Peninsula AKZ181 Atom
Eastern Aleutians AKZ185 Atom
Central Aleutians AKZ187 Atom
Western Aleutians AKZ191 Atom
Pribilof Islands AKZ195 Atom
Western Arctic Coast AKZ201 Atom
Northern Arctic Coast AKZ202 Atom
Central Beaufort Sea Coast AKZ203 Atom
Eastern Beaufort Sea Coast AKZ204 Atom
Northwestern Brooks Range AKZ205 Atom
Northeastern Brooks Range AKZ206 Atom
Chukchi Sea Coast AKZ207 Atom
Lower Kobuk and Noatak Valleys AKZ208 Atom
Baldwin Peninsula and Selawik Valley AKZ209 Atom
Northern and Interior Seward Peninsula AKZ210 Atom
Southern Seward Peninsula Coast AKZ211 Atom
Eastern Norton Sound and Nulato Hills AKZ212 Atom
St Lawrence Island and Bering Strait Coast AKZ213 Atom
Yukon Delta AKZ214 Atom
Lower Yukon Valley AKZ215 Atom
Lower Koyukuk and Middle Yukon Valleys AKZ216 Atom
Upper Kobuk and Noatak Valleys AKZ217 Atom
Southeastern Brooks Range AKZ218 Atom
Upper Koyukuk Valley AKZ219 Atom
Yukon Flats and Surrounding Uplands AKZ220 Atom
Central Interior AKZ221 Atom
Middle Tanana Valley AKZ222 Atom
Deltana and Tanana Flats AKZ223 Atom
Upper Tanana Valley and the Fortymile Country AKZ224 Atom
Denali AKZ225 Atom
Eastern Alaska Range AKZ226 Atom
Upper Kuskokwim Valley AKZ227 Atom