Air Stagnation Advisory

11/08/2019 7:24 AM through 11/08/2019 3:30 PM

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Air Stagnation Advisory issued November 8 at 7:24AM PST until November 12 at 12:00PM PST by NWS Portland OR


* WHAT...Poor air quality.

* WHERE...Portions of Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon.

* WHEN...Until noon PST Tuesday.

* IMPACTS...Poor air quality may cause issues for people with
respiratory problems.


People with respiratory illness should follow their physician's
advice for dealing with high levels of air pollution during
periods of stagnant air.

State air quality agencies highly recommend that no outdoor
burning occur and that residential wood burning devices be
limited as much as possible. According to state air quality
agencies, prolonged periods of stagnant air can hold pollutants
close to the ground where people live and breathe. Check with
your local burn agency for any current restrictions in your area.

Target Area

Cascade Foothills in Lane County; Greater Portland Metro Area; Northern Oregon Cascade Foothills; Western Columbia River Gorge; Greater Vancouver Area; Lower Columbia and I - 5 Corridor in Cowlitz County; Lower Columbia; Central Columbia River Gorge; Central Columbia River Gorge; Western Columbia River Gorge; Upper Hood River Valley; South Washington Cascade Foothills

Sender: NWS Portland OR
Sent: 7:24 AM on 11-08-2019