Pacific Islands Marine Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service marine forecast zones (by names and codes) for Pacific Islands. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Kauai Northwest Waters PHZ110 Atom
Kauai Windward Waters PHZ111 Atom
Kauai Leeward Waters PHZ112 Atom
Kauai Channel PHZ113 Atom
Oahu Windward Waters PHZ114 Atom
Oahu Leeward Waters PHZ115 Atom
Kaiwi Channel PHZ116 Atom
Maui County Windward Waters PHZ117 Atom
Maui County Leeward Waters PHZ118 Atom
Maalaea Bay PHZ119 Atom
Pailolo Channel PHZ120 Atom
Alenuihaha Channel PHZ121 Atom
Big Island Windward Waters PHZ122 Atom
Big Island Leeward Waters PHZ123 Atom
Big Island Southeast Waters PHZ124 Atom
Hawaiian Offshore Waters PHZ180 Atom
Mexico Border S to 29N to 60 NM offshore PMZ009 Atom
Mexico S of 29N to Punta Eugenia to 250 NM offshore PMZ011 Atom
Punta Eugenia to Cabo San Lazaro to 250 NM offshore PMZ013 Atom
Cabo San Lazaro to Cabo San Lucas to 250 NM offshore PMZ015 Atom
Northern Gulf of California PMZ017 Atom
Central Gulf of California PMZ019 Atom
Southern Gulf of California PMZ021 Atom
Entrance to the Gulf of California Including Cabo Corrientes PMZ023 Atom
Mexico - Michoachan and Guerrero to 250 NM offshore PMZ025 Atom
Mexico - Oaxaca and Chiapas including the Gulf of Tehuantepec PMZ027 Atom
Guatemala and El Salvador to 250 NM offshore PMZ111 Atom
El Salvador to North Costa Rica Including the Gulfs of Fonseca and Papagayo PMZ113 Atom
North Costa Rica to West Panama to 250 NM offshore PMZ115 Atom
East Panama and Colombia Including Gulf of Panama PMZ117 Atom
Ecuador Including Gulf of Guayaquil to 250 NM offshore PMZ119 Atom
Ecuador between 250 and 500 NM Offshore PMZ121 Atom
Offshore Galapagos Islands PMZ123 Atom
Guam Coastal Waters PMZ151 Atom
Rota Coastal Waters PMZ152 Atom
Tinian Coastal Waters PMZ153 Atom
Saipan Coastal Waters PMZ154 Atom
Koror Palau Coastal Waters PMZ161 Atom
Yap Coastal Waters PMZ171 Atom
Chuuk Coastal Waters PMZ172 Atom
Pohnpei Coastal Waters PMZ173 Atom
Kosrae Coastal Waters PMZ174 Atom
Majuro Coastal Waters PMZ181 Atom
Waters out to 40 Nautical Miles PMZ191 Atom
Coastal waters of Tututila and Aunuu PSZ150 Atom
Coastal waters of Manua PSZ151 Atom
Coastal waters of Swain's Island PSZ152 Atom