Alaska Marine Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service marine forecast zones (by names and codes) for Alaska. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Glacier Bay PKZ011 Atom
Northern Lynn Canal PKZ012 Atom
Southern Lynn Canal PKZ013 Atom
Icy Strait PKZ021 Atom
Cross Sound PKZ022 Atom
Stephens Passage PKZ031 Atom
Northern Chatham Strait PKZ032 Atom
Southern Chatham Strait PKZ033 Atom
Frederick Sound PKZ034 Atom
Sumner Strait PKZ035 Atom
Clarence Strait PKZ036 Atom
Dixon Entrance to Cape Decision PKZ041 Atom
Southeast Alaska Outside Waters From Cape Edgecumbe to Cape Fairweather PKZ043 Atom
Cape Fairweather to Icy Cape PKZ051 Atom
Icy Cape to Cape Suckling PKZ052 Atom
Yakutat Bay PKZ053 Atom
Cape Suckling to Cape Cleare PKZ119 Atom
Cape Cleare to Gore Point PKZ120 Atom
Resurrection Bay PKZ121 Atom
Prince William Sound PKZ125 Atom
Port of Valdez PKZ126 Atom
Valdez Narrows PKZ127 Atom
Valdez Arm PKZ128 Atom
Western Prince William Sound PKZ129 Atom
West of Barren Islands Including Kamishak Bay PKZ130 Atom
Barren Islands East PKZ131 Atom
Shuyak Island To Sitkinak PKZ132 Atom
Chiniak Bay PKZ136 Atom
Marmot Bay PKZ137 Atom
Shelikof Strait PKZ138 Atom
Cook Inlet Kalgin Island to Point Bede PKZ139 Atom
Cook Inlet North Kalgin Island PKZ140 Atom
Kachemak Bay PKZ141 Atom
Sitkinak to Castle Cape PKZ150 Atom
Castle Cape to Cape Sarichef PKZ155 Atom
Bristol Bay PKZ160 Atom
Port Heiden to Cape Sarichef PKZ165 Atom
Cape Sarichef to Nikoski Bering Side PKZ170 Atom
Unalaska Bay PKZ171 Atom
Cape Sarichef to Nikoski Pacific Side PKZ172 Atom
Nikolski to Seguam Bering Side PKZ173 Atom
Nikolski to Seguam Pacific Side PKZ174 Atom
Seguam to Adak Bering Side PKZ175 Atom
Seguam to Adak Pacific Side PKZ176 Atom
Adak to Kiska PKZ177 Atom
Kiska to Attu PKZ178 Atom
Pribilof Islands Nearshore Waters PKZ179 Atom
Kuskokwim Delta and Etolin Strait PKZ180 Atom
North and West of Nunivak Island PKZ181 Atom
St Matthew Island Waters PKZ185 Atom
Norton Sound PKZ200 Atom
Dall Point to Wales PKZ210 Atom
Kotzebue Sound PKZ215 Atom
Wales to Cape Thompson PKZ220 Atom
Cape Thompson to Cape Beaufort PKZ225 Atom
Cape Beaufort to Point Franklin PKZ230 Atom
Point Franklin to Cape Halkett PKZ235 Atom
Cape Halkett to Flaxman Island PKZ240 Atom
Flaxman Island to Demarcation Point PKZ245 Atom
Gulf of Alaska North of 55 Degrees North and East of 144 W PKZ310 Atom
Gulf of Alaska Offshore North of 57N and West of 144W PKZ351 Atom
Gulf of Alaska Offshore South of 57N North of 55N and West of 144W PKZ352 Atom
Bering Sea Offshore West of 180 and East of the International Date Line PKZ411 Atom
Bering Sea Offshore 171W to 180 and North of 56N PKZ412 Atom
Bering Sea Offshore 171W to 180 and South of 56N PKZ413 Atom
Bering Sea Offshore East of 171W PKZ414 Atom
Western US Arctic Offshore PKZ500 Atom
Central US Arctic Offshore PKZ505 Atom
Eastern US Arctic Offshore PKZ510 Atom