Texas County Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service county forecast zones (by names and codes) for Texas. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Anderson 2 TXC001 Atom
Andrews TXC003 Atom
Angelina 3 TXC005 Atom
Aransas 1 TXC007 Atom
Archer TXC009 Atom
Armstrong TXC011 Atom
Atascosa 1 TXC013 Atom
Austin TXC015 Atom
Bailey TXC017 Atom
Bandera TXC019 Atom
Bastrop TXC021 Atom
Baylor TXC023 Atom
Bee TXC025 Atom
Bell 1 TXC027 Atom
Bexar TXC029 Atom
Blanco TXC031 Atom
Borden TXC033 Atom
Bosque 1 TXC035 Atom
Bowie 1 TXC037 Atom
Brazoria 3 TXC039 Atom
Brazos TXC041 Atom
Brewster TXC043 Atom
Briscoe TXC045 Atom
Brooks 3 TXC047 Atom
Brown TXC049 Atom
Burleson TXC051 Atom
Burnet TXC053 Atom
Caldwell TXC055 Atom
Calhoun 3 TXC057 Atom
Callahan TXC059 Atom
Cameron 3 TXC061 Atom
Camp 1 TXC063 Atom
Carson TXC065 Atom
Cass 2 TXC067 Atom
Castro TXC069 Atom
Chambers 2 TXC071 Atom
Cherokee 4 TXC073 Atom
Childress TXC075 Atom
Clay TXC077 Atom
Cochran TXC079 Atom
Coke TXC081 Atom
Coleman TXC083 Atom
Collin 1 TXC085 Atom
Collingsworth TXC087 Atom
Colorado TXC089 Atom
Comal TXC091 Atom
Comanche 1 TXC093 Atom
Concho TXC095 Atom
Cooke 1 TXC097 Atom
Coryell 1 TXC099 Atom
Cottle TXC101 Atom
Crane TXC103 Atom
Crockett TXC105 Atom
Crosby TXC107 Atom
Culberson TXC109 Atom
Dallam TXC111 Atom
Dallas 2 TXC113 Atom
Dawson TXC115 Atom
Deaf Smith TXC117 Atom
Delta 1 TXC119 Atom
Denton 1 TXC121 Atom
DeWitt TXC123 Atom
Dickens TXC125 Atom
Dimmit 3 TXC127 Atom
Donley TXC129 Atom
Duval 3 TXC131 Atom
Eastland 1 TXC133 Atom
Ector TXC135 Atom
Edwards 1 TXC137 Atom
Ellis 1 TXC139 Atom
El Paso TXC141 Atom
Erath 1 TXC143 Atom
Falls 1 TXC145 Atom
Fannin 1 TXC147 Atom
Fayette TXC149 Atom
Fisher TXC151 Atom
Floyd TXC153 Atom
Foard TXC155 Atom
Fort Bend 2 TXC157 Atom
Franklin 1 TXC159 Atom
Freestone TXC161 Atom
Frio 1 TXC163 Atom
Gaines TXC165 Atom
Galveston 1 TXC167 Atom
Garza TXC169 Atom
Gillespie TXC171 Atom
Glasscock TXC173 Atom
Goliad TXC175 Atom
Gonzales TXC177 Atom
Gray TXC179 Atom
Grayson 1 TXC181 Atom
Gregg 1 TXC183 Atom
Grimes TXC185 Atom
Guadalupe TXC187 Atom
Hale TXC189 Atom
Hall TXC191 Atom
Hamilton 1 TXC193 Atom
Hansford TXC195 Atom
Hardeman TXC197 Atom
Hardin 2 TXC199 Atom
Harris 1 TXC201 Atom
Harrison 1 TXC203 Atom
Hartley TXC205 Atom
Haskell TXC207 Atom
Hays TXC209 Atom
Hemphill TXC211 Atom
Henderson TXC213 Atom
Hidalgo 2 TXC215 Atom
Hill 1 TXC217 Atom
Hockley TXC219 Atom
Hood 1 TXC221 Atom
Hopkins 1 TXC223 Atom
Houston 3 TXC225 Atom
Howard TXC227 Atom
Hudspeth TXC229 Atom
Hunt 1 TXC231 Atom
Hutchinson TXC233 Atom
Irion TXC235 Atom
Jack 1 TXC237 Atom
Jackson 1 TXC239 Atom
Jasper 3 TXC241 Atom
Jeff Davis TXC243 Atom
Jefferson 4 TXC245 Atom
Jim Hogg 3 TXC247 Atom
Jim Wells 2 TXC249 Atom
Johnson 1 TXC251 Atom
Jones TXC253 Atom
Karnes TXC255 Atom
Kaufman 1 TXC257 Atom
Kendall TXC259 Atom
Kenedy 4 TXC261 Atom
Kent TXC263 Atom
Kerr TXC265 Atom
Kimble TXC267 Atom
King TXC269 Atom
Kinney 2 TXC271 Atom
Kleberg 4 TXC273 Atom
Knox TXC275 Atom
Lamar 1 TXC277 Atom
Lamb TXC279 Atom
Lampasas 1 TXC281 Atom
La Salle 3 TXC283 Atom
Lavaca TXC285 Atom
Lee TXC287 Atom
Leon TXC289 Atom
Liberty 2 TXC291 Atom
Limestone 1 TXC293 Atom
Lipscomb TXC295 Atom
Live Oak TXC297 Atom
Llano TXC299 Atom
Loving TXC301 Atom
Lubbock TXC303 Atom
Lynn TXC305 Atom
McCulloch TXC307 Atom
McLennan 1 TXC309 Atom
McMullen 1 TXC311 Atom
Madison TXC313 Atom
Marion 2 TXC315 Atom
Martin TXC317 Atom
Mason TXC319 Atom
Matagorda 1 TXC321 Atom
Maverick 2 TXC323 Atom
Medina TXC325 Atom
Menard TXC327 Atom
Midland TXC329 Atom
Milam 1 TXC331 Atom
Mills 1 TXC333 Atom
Mitchell TXC335 Atom
Montague 1 TXC337 Atom
Montgomery TXC339 Atom
Moore TXC341 Atom
Morris 1 TXC343 Atom
Motley TXC345 Atom
Nacogdoches 3 TXC347 Atom
Navarro 1 TXC349 Atom
Newton 1 TXC351 Atom
Nolan TXC353 Atom
Nueces 3 TXC355 Atom
Ochiltree TXC357 Atom
Oldham TXC359 Atom
Orange 3 TXC361 Atom
Palo Pinto 1 TXC363 Atom
Panola 2 TXC365 Atom
Parker 1 TXC367 Atom
Parmer TXC369 Atom
Pecos TXC371 Atom
Polk 4 TXC373 Atom
Potter TXC375 Atom
Presidio TXC377 Atom
Rains TXC379 Atom
Randall TXC381 Atom
Reagan TXC383 Atom
Real TXC385 Atom
Red River 1 TXC387 Atom
Reeves TXC389 Atom
Refugio 3 TXC391 Atom
Roberts TXC393 Atom
Robertson 1 TXC395 Atom
Rockwall 1 TXC397 Atom
Runnels TXC399 Atom
Rusk 2 TXC401 Atom
Sabine TXC403 Atom
San Augustine 1 TXC405 Atom
San Jacinto 2 TXC407 Atom
San Patricio 3 TXC409 Atom
San Saba TXC411 Atom
Schleicher TXC413 Atom
Scurry TXC415 Atom
Shackelford TXC417 Atom
Shelby 2 TXC419 Atom
Sherman TXC421 Atom
Smith 1 TXC423 Atom
Somervell 1 TXC425 Atom
Starr 2 TXC427 Atom
Stephens 1 TXC429 Atom
Sterling TXC431 Atom
Stonewall TXC433 Atom
Sutton TXC435 Atom
Swisher TXC437 Atom
Tarrant 1 TXC439 Atom
Taylor TXC441 Atom
Terrell 1 TXC443 Atom
Terry TXC445 Atom
Throckmorton TXC447 Atom
Titus 1 TXC449 Atom
Tom Green TXC451 Atom
Travis TXC453 Atom
Trinity 4 TXC455 Atom
Tyler 3 TXC457 Atom
Upshur 1 TXC459 Atom
Upton TXC461 Atom
Uvalde 1 TXC463 Atom
Val Verde 2 TXC465 Atom
Van Zandt TXC467 Atom
Victoria 1 TXC469 Atom
Walker 2 TXC471 Atom
Waller TXC473 Atom
Ward TXC475 Atom
Washington TXC477 Atom
Webb 4 TXC479 Atom
Wharton 2 TXC481 Atom
Wheeler TXC483 Atom
Wichita TXC485 Atom
Wilbarger TXC487 Atom
Willacy 3 TXC489 Atom
Williamson TXC491 Atom
Wilson TXC493 Atom
Winkler TXC495 Atom
Wise 1 TXC497 Atom
Wood 1 TXC499 Atom
Yoakum TXC501 Atom
Young 1 TXC503 Atom
Zapata 3 TXC505 Atom
Zavala 2 TXC507 Atom