Puerto Rico County Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service county forecast zones (by names and codes) for Puerto Rico. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Adjuntas PRC001 Atom
Aguada 2 PRC003 Atom
Aguadilla 3 PRC005 Atom
Aguas Buenas PRC007 Atom
Aibonito PRC009 Atom
Anasco 2 PRC011 Atom
Arecibo 3 PRC013 Atom
Arroyo PRC015 Atom
Barceloneta 3 PRC017 Atom
Barranquitas PRC019 Atom
Bayamon 3 PRC021 Atom
Cabo Rojo 2 PRC023 Atom
Caguas PRC025 Atom
Camuy 3 PRC027 Atom
Canovanas 3 PRC029 Atom
Carolina 3 PRC031 Atom
Catano 3 PRC033 Atom
Cayey PRC035 Atom
Ceiba 3 PRC037 Atom
Ciales PRC039 Atom
Cidra PRC041 Atom
Coamo PRC043 Atom
Comerio PRC045 Atom
Corozal PRC047 Atom
Culebra 2 PRC049 Atom
Dorado 3 PRC051 Atom
Fajardo 3 PRC053 Atom
Florida 3 PRC054 Atom
Guanica 2 PRC055 Atom
Guayama PRC057 Atom
Guayanilla PRC059 Atom
Guaynabo 3 PRC061 Atom
Gurabo PRC063 Atom
Hatillo 3 PRC065 Atom
Hormigueros 2 PRC067 Atom
Humacao 3 PRC069 Atom
Isabela 3 PRC071 Atom
Jayuya PRC073 Atom
Juana Diaz PRC075 Atom
Juncos PRC077 Atom
Lajas 2 PRC079 Atom
Lares PRC081 Atom
Las Marias PRC083 Atom
Las Piedras PRC085 Atom
Loiza 3 PRC087 Atom
Luquillo 3 PRC089 Atom
Manati 3 PRC091 Atom
Maricao PRC093 Atom
Maunabo PRC095 Atom
Mayaguez 2 PRC097 Atom
Moca 2 PRC099 Atom
Morovis PRC101 Atom
Naguabo 3 PRC103 Atom
Naranjito PRC105 Atom
Orocovis PRC107 Atom
Patillas PRC109 Atom
Penuelas PRC111 Atom
Ponce PRC113 Atom
Quebradillas 3 PRC115 Atom
Rincon 2 PRC117 Atom
Rio Grande 3 PRC119 Atom
Sabana Grande PRC121 Atom
Salinas PRC123 Atom
San German 2 PRC125 Atom
San Juan 3 PRC127 Atom
San Lorenzo PRC129 Atom
San Sebastian PRC131 Atom
Santa Isabel PRC133 Atom
Toa Alta 3 PRC135 Atom
Toa Baja 3 PRC137 Atom
Trujillo Alto 3 PRC139 Atom
Utuado PRC141 Atom
Vega Alta 3 PRC143 Atom
Vega Baja 3 PRC145 Atom
Vieques 1 PRC147 Atom
Villalba PRC149 Atom
Yabucoa PRC151 Atom
Yauco PRC153 Atom