Puerto Rico County Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service county forecast zones (by names and codes) for Puerto Rico. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Adjuntas PRC001 Atom
Aguada PRC003 Atom
Aguadilla PRC005 Atom
Aguas Buenas PRC007 Atom
Aibonito PRC009 Atom
Anasco PRC011 Atom
Arecibo PRC013 Atom
Arroyo PRC015 Atom
Barceloneta PRC017 Atom
Barranquitas PRC019 Atom
Bayamon PRC021 Atom
Cabo Rojo PRC023 Atom
Caguas PRC025 Atom
Camuy PRC027 Atom
Canovanas PRC029 Atom
Carolina PRC031 Atom
Catano PRC033 Atom
Cayey PRC035 Atom
Ceiba PRC037 Atom
Ciales PRC039 Atom
Cidra PRC041 Atom
Coamo PRC043 Atom
Comerio PRC045 Atom
Corozal PRC047 Atom
Culebra PRC049 Atom
Dorado PRC051 Atom
Fajardo PRC053 Atom
Florida PRC054 Atom
Guanica PRC055 Atom
Guayama PRC057 Atom
Guayanilla PRC059 Atom
Guaynabo PRC061 Atom
Gurabo PRC063 Atom
Hatillo PRC065 Atom
Hormigueros PRC067 Atom
Humacao PRC069 Atom
Isabela PRC071 Atom
Jayuya PRC073 Atom
Juana Diaz PRC075 Atom
Juncos PRC077 Atom
Lajas PRC079 Atom
Lares PRC081 Atom
Las Marias PRC083 Atom
Las Piedras PRC085 Atom
Loiza PRC087 Atom
Luquillo PRC089 Atom
Manati PRC091 Atom
Maricao PRC093 Atom
Maunabo PRC095 Atom
Mayaguez PRC097 Atom
Moca PRC099 Atom
Morovis PRC101 Atom
Naguabo PRC103 Atom
Naranjito PRC105 Atom
Orocovis PRC107 Atom
Patillas PRC109 Atom
Penuelas PRC111 Atom
Ponce PRC113 Atom
Quebradillas PRC115 Atom
Rincon PRC117 Atom
Rio Grande PRC119 Atom
Sabana Grande PRC121 Atom
Salinas PRC123 Atom
San German PRC125 Atom
San Juan PRC127 Atom
San Lorenzo PRC129 Atom
San Sebastian PRC131 Atom
Santa Isabel PRC133 Atom
Toa Alta PRC135 Atom
Toa Baja PRC137 Atom
Trujillo Alto PRC139 Atom
Utuado PRC141 Atom
Vega Alta PRC143 Atom
Vega Baja PRC145 Atom
Vieques PRC147 Atom
Villalba PRC149 Atom
Yabucoa PRC151 Atom
Yauco PRC153 Atom