Oklahoma County Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service county forecast zones (by names and codes) for Oklahoma. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Adair 1 OKC001 Atom
Alfalfa OKC003 Atom
Atoka 1 OKC005 Atom
Beaver OKC007 Atom
Beckham OKC009 Atom
Blaine OKC011 Atom
Bryan 1 OKC013 Atom
Caddo 1 OKC015 Atom
Canadian 1 OKC017 Atom
Carter 1 OKC019 Atom
Cherokee 1 OKC021 Atom
Choctaw 1 OKC023 Atom
Cimarron OKC025 Atom
Cleveland 1 OKC027 Atom
Coal 1 OKC029 Atom
Comanche 1 OKC031 Atom
Cotton 1 OKC033 Atom
Craig 1 OKC035 Atom
Creek 1 OKC037 Atom
Custer OKC039 Atom
Delaware 1 OKC041 Atom
Dewey OKC043 Atom
Ellis OKC045 Atom
Garfield 1 OKC047 Atom
Garvin 1 OKC049 Atom
Grady 1 OKC051 Atom
Grant 1 OKC053 Atom
Greer OKC055 Atom
Harmon OKC057 Atom
Harper OKC059 Atom
Haskell 1 OKC061 Atom
Hughes 1 OKC063 Atom
Jackson 1 OKC065 Atom
Jefferson 1 OKC067 Atom
Johnston 1 OKC069 Atom
Kay 1 OKC071 Atom
Kingfisher 1 OKC073 Atom
Kiowa 1 OKC075 Atom
Latimer 1 OKC077 Atom
Le Flore 1 OKC079 Atom
Lincoln 1 OKC081 Atom
Logan 1 OKC083 Atom
Love 1 OKC085 Atom
McClain 1 OKC087 Atom
McCurtain 1 OKC089 Atom
McIntosh 1 OKC091 Atom
Major OKC093 Atom
Marshall 1 OKC095 Atom
Mayes 1 OKC097 Atom
Murray 1 OKC099 Atom
Muskogee 1 OKC101 Atom
Noble 1 OKC103 Atom
Nowata 1 OKC105 Atom
Okfuskee 1 OKC107 Atom
Oklahoma 1 OKC109 Atom
Okmulgee 1 OKC111 Atom
Osage 1 OKC113 Atom
Ottawa 1 OKC115 Atom
Pawnee 1 OKC117 Atom
Payne 1 OKC119 Atom
Pittsburg 1 OKC121 Atom
Pontotoc 1 OKC123 Atom
Pottawatomie 1 OKC125 Atom
Pushmataha 1 OKC127 Atom
Roger Mills OKC129 Atom
Rogers 1 OKC131 Atom
Seminole 1 OKC133 Atom
Sequoyah 1 OKC135 Atom
Stephens 1 OKC137 Atom
Texas OKC139 Atom
Tillman 1 OKC141 Atom
Tulsa 1 OKC143 Atom
Wagoner 1 OKC145 Atom
Washington 1 OKC147 Atom
Washita OKC149 Atom
Woods OKC151 Atom
Woodward OKC153 Atom