Oklahoma County Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service county forecast zones (by names and codes) for Oklahoma. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Adair OKC001 Atom
Alfalfa OKC003 Atom
Atoka OKC005 Atom
Beaver OKC007 Atom
Beckham OKC009 Atom
Blaine OKC011 Atom
Bryan OKC013 Atom
Caddo OKC015 Atom
Canadian OKC017 Atom
Carter OKC019 Atom
Cherokee OKC021 Atom
Choctaw OKC023 Atom
Cimarron 1 OKC025 Atom
Cleveland OKC027 Atom
Coal OKC029 Atom
Comanche OKC031 Atom
Cotton OKC033 Atom
Craig OKC035 Atom
Creek OKC037 Atom
Custer OKC039 Atom
Delaware OKC041 Atom
Dewey OKC043 Atom
Ellis OKC045 Atom
Garfield OKC047 Atom
Garvin OKC049 Atom
Grady OKC051 Atom
Grant OKC053 Atom
Greer OKC055 Atom
Harmon OKC057 Atom
Harper OKC059 Atom
Haskell OKC061 Atom
Hughes OKC063 Atom
Jackson OKC065 Atom
Jefferson OKC067 Atom
Johnston OKC069 Atom
Kay OKC071 Atom
Kingfisher OKC073 Atom
Kiowa OKC075 Atom
Latimer OKC077 Atom
Le Flore OKC079 Atom
Lincoln OKC081 Atom
Logan OKC083 Atom
Love OKC085 Atom
McClain OKC087 Atom
McCurtain OKC089 Atom
McIntosh OKC091 Atom
Major OKC093 Atom
Marshall OKC095 Atom
Mayes OKC097 Atom
Murray OKC099 Atom
Muskogee OKC101 Atom
Noble OKC103 Atom
Nowata OKC105 Atom
Okfuskee OKC107 Atom
Oklahoma OKC109 Atom
Okmulgee OKC111 Atom
Osage OKC113 Atom
Ottawa OKC115 Atom
Pawnee OKC117 Atom
Payne OKC119 Atom
Pittsburg OKC121 Atom
Pontotoc OKC123 Atom
Pottawatomie OKC125 Atom
Pushmataha OKC127 Atom
Roger Mills OKC129 Atom
Rogers OKC131 Atom
Seminole OKC133 Atom
Sequoyah OKC135 Atom
Stephens OKC137 Atom
Texas 1 OKC139 Atom
Tillman OKC141 Atom
Tulsa OKC143 Atom
Wagoner OKC145 Atom
Washington OKC147 Atom
Washita OKC149 Atom
Woods OKC151 Atom
Woodward OKC153 Atom