Nebraska County Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service county forecast zones (by names and codes) for Nebraska. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Adams NEC001 Atom
Antelope NEC003 Atom
Arthur NEC005 Atom
Banner NEC007 Atom
Blaine NEC009 Atom
Boone NEC011 Atom
Box Butte NEC013 Atom
Boyd NEC015 Atom
Brown NEC017 Atom
Buffalo NEC019 Atom
Burt NEC021 Atom
Butler NEC023 Atom
Cass NEC025 Atom
Cedar NEC027 Atom
Chase NEC029 Atom
Cherry NEC031 Atom
Cheyenne NEC033 Atom
Clay NEC035 Atom
Colfax NEC037 Atom
Cuming NEC039 Atom
Custer NEC041 Atom
Dakota NEC043 Atom
Dawes 1 NEC045 Atom
Dawson NEC047 Atom
Deuel NEC049 Atom
Dixon NEC051 Atom
Dodge NEC053 Atom
Douglas NEC055 Atom
Dundy NEC057 Atom
Fillmore NEC059 Atom
Franklin NEC061 Atom
Frontier NEC063 Atom
Furnas NEC065 Atom
Gage NEC067 Atom
Garden NEC069 Atom
Garfield NEC071 Atom
Gosper NEC073 Atom
Grant NEC075 Atom
Greeley NEC077 Atom
Hall NEC079 Atom
Hamilton NEC081 Atom
Harlan NEC083 Atom
Hayes NEC085 Atom
Hitchcock NEC087 Atom
Holt NEC089 Atom
Hooker NEC091 Atom
Howard NEC093 Atom
Jefferson NEC095 Atom
Johnson NEC097 Atom
Kearney NEC099 Atom
Keith NEC101 Atom
Keya Paha NEC103 Atom
Kimball NEC105 Atom
Knox NEC107 Atom
Lancaster NEC109 Atom
Lincoln NEC111 Atom
Logan NEC113 Atom
Loup NEC115 Atom
McPherson NEC117 Atom
Madison NEC119 Atom
Merrick NEC121 Atom
Morrill NEC123 Atom
Nance NEC125 Atom
Nemaha NEC127 Atom
Nuckolls NEC129 Atom
Otoe 1 NEC131 Atom
Pawnee NEC133 Atom
Perkins NEC135 Atom
Phelps NEC137 Atom
Pierce NEC139 Atom
Platte NEC141 Atom
Polk NEC143 Atom
Red Willow NEC145 Atom
Richardson 2 NEC147 Atom
Rock NEC149 Atom
Saline NEC151 Atom
Sarpy NEC153 Atom
Saunders NEC155 Atom
Scotts Bluff NEC157 Atom
Seward NEC159 Atom
Sheridan 1 NEC161 Atom
Sherman NEC163 Atom
Sioux 1 NEC165 Atom
Stanton NEC167 Atom
Thayer NEC169 Atom
Thomas NEC171 Atom
Thurston NEC173 Atom
Valley NEC175 Atom
Washington NEC177 Atom
Wayne NEC179 Atom
Webster NEC181 Atom
Wheeler NEC183 Atom
York NEC185 Atom