Kansas County Zones

Listed below are the National Weather Service county forecast zones (by names and codes) for Kansas. Select a forecast zone to see the RSS feed.

RSS Feed Listing

Allen 1 KSC001 Atom
Anderson 1 KSC003 Atom
Atchison 1 KSC005 Atom
Barber KSC007 Atom
Barton 1 KSC009 Atom
Bourbon 1 KSC011 Atom
Brown 1 KSC013 Atom
Butler 1 KSC015 Atom
Chase 1 KSC017 Atom
Chautauqua KSC019 Atom
Cherokee KSC021 Atom
Cheyenne KSC023 Atom
Clark KSC025 Atom
Clay 1 KSC027 Atom
Cloud 1 KSC029 Atom
Coffey 1 KSC031 Atom
Comanche KSC033 Atom
Cowley KSC035 Atom
Crawford 1 KSC037 Atom
Decatur KSC039 Atom
Dickinson 1 KSC041 Atom
Doniphan 1 KSC043 Atom
Douglas 1 KSC045 Atom
Edwards 1 KSC047 Atom
Elk 1 KSC049 Atom
Ellis 1 KSC051 Atom
Ellsworth 1 KSC053 Atom
Finney KSC055 Atom
Ford KSC057 Atom
Franklin 1 KSC059 Atom
Geary 1 KSC061 Atom
Gove KSC063 Atom
Graham KSC065 Atom
Grant KSC067 Atom
Gray KSC069 Atom
Greeley KSC071 Atom
Greenwood 1 KSC073 Atom
Hamilton KSC075 Atom
Harper KSC077 Atom
Harvey 1 KSC079 Atom
Haskell KSC081 Atom
Hodgeman 1 KSC083 Atom
Jackson 1 KSC085 Atom
Jefferson 1 KSC087 Atom
Jewell 1 KSC089 Atom
Johnson 1 KSC091 Atom
Kearny KSC093 Atom
Kingman 1 KSC095 Atom
Kiowa KSC097 Atom
Labette KSC099 Atom
Lane 1 KSC101 Atom
Leavenworth 1 KSC103 Atom
Lincoln 1 KSC105 Atom
Linn 1 KSC107 Atom
Logan KSC109 Atom
Lyon 1 KSC111 Atom
McPherson 1 KSC113 Atom
Marion 1 KSC115 Atom
Marshall 1 KSC117 Atom
Meade KSC119 Atom
Miami 1 KSC121 Atom
Mitchell 1 KSC123 Atom
Montgomery KSC125 Atom
Morris 1 KSC127 Atom
Morton KSC129 Atom
Nemaha 1 KSC131 Atom
Neosho 1 KSC133 Atom
Ness 1 KSC135 Atom
Norton KSC137 Atom
Osage 1 KSC139 Atom
Osborne 1 KSC141 Atom
Ottawa 1 KSC143 Atom
Pawnee 1 KSC145 Atom
Phillips 1 KSC147 Atom
Pottawatomie 1 KSC149 Atom
Pratt 1 KSC151 Atom
Rawlins KSC153 Atom
Reno 1 KSC155 Atom
Republic 1 KSC157 Atom
Rice 1 KSC159 Atom
Riley 1 KSC161 Atom
Rooks 1 KSC163 Atom
Rush 1 KSC165 Atom
Russell 1 KSC167 Atom
Saline 1 KSC169 Atom
Scott 1 KSC171 Atom
Sedgwick 1 KSC173 Atom
Seward KSC175 Atom
Shawnee 1 KSC177 Atom
Sheridan KSC179 Atom
Sherman KSC181 Atom
Smith 1 KSC183 Atom
Stafford 1 KSC185 Atom
Stanton KSC187 Atom
Stevens KSC189 Atom
Sumner KSC191 Atom
Thomas KSC193 Atom
Trego 1 KSC195 Atom
Wabaunsee 1 KSC197 Atom
Wallace KSC199 Atom
Washington 1 KSC201 Atom
Wichita KSC203 Atom
Wilson 1 KSC205 Atom
Woodson 1 KSC207 Atom
Wyandotte 1 KSC209 Atom